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Razer Orochi Black Chrome


The Black Chrome Orochi new Razer mouse, and new standards in mobile gaming by its small size and advanced technology. Equipped with laser sensor quality that we know from Razer, and dual mode wired / wireless, Bluetooth. The option in wired mode is useful when you need maximum gaming performance.

The strengths of the Razer Orochi Black Chrome
• Detachable cable for dual use braided wire / wireless
• Scrolling wheel provided with notches 24 individual
• 7 programmable buttons Hyperesponse
• Battery indicator & Bluetooth

Specifications wirelessly
• Connectivity Bluetooth ® 2.0 optimized for gaming
• Up to 2000 dpi sensitivity
• Polling rate of 125 Hz / Response Time 8 ms
• High-performance batteries to extend the life

Specifications wireframe
• Braided Cable micro USB Removable about 1 meter
• Up to 4000 dpi sensitivity
• Function of 1000 Hz Ultrapolling / response time of 1 ms
• Sensor Razer Precision 3G Laser
• Capture up to 250 cm per second
• Ambidextrous Design
• Built-in Memory Razer Synapse
• Adjusting on the fly On-The-Fly Sensitivity
• Zero-acoustic Ultraslick Skates
• Gold-plated USB connector
• Powered by two AA batteries
• Approximate size: 99 mm x 67.8 mm x 35 mm

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Google's new arrival WDYL


Google has released a new website bringing together many of its services from the same page which is called "WDYL" which stand for "What Do You Love" search engine. This is very advance form other search engine.

Here is look of WDYL

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Analyze the data transferred from your PC


SmartSNIFF is a software company NirSoft, specializing in commercial analysis of the system. As all the utilities of this type, it can be seen by your antivirus software as potentially dangerous stuck downloading it and see ... In fact, it's like a knife in a kitchen. This is a very useful tool, but put into the wrong hands and misused, it can endanger your safety. In this case, since you download it and use it at your own purposes, simply to ignore your antivirus software.

You must first install WinPCap on your system (SmartSniff can theoretically analyze traffic without installing WinPCap but under XP like Vista, only incoming traffic is displayed and the TCP traffic is not captured):
- Click> > here <<to download WinPCap
- Install the software following the installation wizard 'all the more trivial it does not offer any setting).

Once this is done, it is possible to install SmartSniff:

- Download the software by clicking>> here << - Unpack the ZIP archive to a folder SmartSniff, for example on the desktop

- The software requires no installation. It runs directly when you double-click the SMSNIFF . The program can therefore be placed on and launched from a USB key.

- Open the menu options and deploy the submenu Display Protocols . The software monitors TCP, UDP or ICMP. In general, we consider most of the time packages TCP . So it is best to uncheck the option UDP and ICMP to prevent the display of unnecessary packets.

- To start capturing packets, go to the menu File and click Start Capture (or click the button [F5] ).

- The software should display a box Capture Options (if this box does not appear, go to the menu options and select Capture Options ). Select WinPcap and the network interface to monitor.

- Now start the communication software you want to monitor Internet / or analyze your web browser.

- All data packets in and out of your computer will be displayed.

- After performing the desired operations, stop the packet capture pressing the [F6] .

- You can quietly analyze what happened. Just click on an event from the list above to see displayed in the lower area of ??the window details of the data exchanged.

- Suppose you wanted to check if a password was transferred unencrypted over the network:
* Click on the list of the top area of the window.
* Press [Ctrl] + [A] to select all events
* Click on the selection of the right mouse button and select HTML Report
* Use the search functions on the page ( [Ctrl] + [F] ) to investigate whether the password is present in the package list.

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Make Windows XP compatible with IPv6


You may know already, our computers all have an IP address that allows them to communicate. Currently, the standard IP is still the IPv4 But this standard will soon end of life, as all possible IP addresses that can be used.
In recent years, a new standard is slowly coming, it is IPv6. We will not detail here the information, but for those interested, we strongly recommend reading Article on Wikipedia.
While modern operating systems like Windows Vista and Windows Seven include gold and already the standard IPv6 by default, Windows XP is a bit different. The system does not directly support the default, perform a little manipulation to make it compatible. Here are the steps to follow to enable communications IPv6 Windows XP:
  1. Go to the Start menu and click Run.
  2. In the Run box, type CMD and press Enter. A command window will open.
  3. In that window, type the command ipv6 install
  4. Wait until a message tells you that the operation was successful.
And now, your Windows XP now supports the IPv6 standard!

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Move your browser cache memory - Firefox


Used for each page load, the cache of your web browser is the default on your primary hard drive or SSD which can use because of the large number of reads / writes. If you have more than 2 GB of memory, you can place the cache in the RAM of your PC. Loading items from the cache will be accelerated and you deal falsely, the higher your SSD.

   1. In Firefox, type the command about: config in the address bar. Confirm with Entry.

   2. Click I'll be careful, I promise!.

   3. In the field Filter, Enter browser.cache.

   4. Double click the option browser.cache.disk.enable.

   5. Its value increases to false.

   6. Then check that the option browser.cache.memory.enable is to true. If it does not, double click it.

   7. Then click the right mouse button in an empty space of the window and click News then Integer.

   8. Name the option . Click OK.

   9. Then enter 75000 to assign 75 MB of memory to the cache. Confirm with OK and restart Firefox to apply the change.

  10. Note that the cache is now in memory, it will be erased each time you restart your computer.

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Quickly find the computer name - Windows 7


If you are configuring your network, you may need to know the name of the computer. Rather than delve into the Control Panel, you can go through a command window.

   1. Click Start. Enter the command cmd and press Entry.

   2. In the window that opens, type the command hostname and press Entry.>

   3. The computer name is displayed. You can close the window.

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New LG 55-inch Tv with OLED technology


Last year, rather, last week, we showed by LG a first image of what would be his first screen OLED 55-inch for the general public. Today we can show the final design of the TV, Which as you can see, it looks impressive.

The LG TV will be available for tweaking in the but next CES Las Vegas, So from there we will give first impressions. But while we wonder at their 7.5 kg weight to 55 inches, or a thickness in the thinnest area only 4 mm.

It will certainly be one of the main attractions of the fair, and even if we enters the eye is its design, do not forget that this is the first serious bid by technology OLED, Which also includes the latest in LG Display works, such as four colors per pixelInstead of the matrix RGB.

As we sell LG, with its technology OLED levels are achieved impossible for LCD contrast /LED, More vivid colors and faithful, and cooldown 1,000 times.

LG presents the product as a breakthrough in technology on their LCD But what is perhaps equally important: a big step in the production costs. For LG, OLED is the future of television and they want to start from and to lead this venture. We'll see what your neighbors are saying Samsung.

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